Driftwood Wraps

Meridian Studio Recording was involved in the last scene to be shot on the Patrick Strevens film “Driftwood”.  Now it’s time to begin editing the audio in earnest.

The locally shot movie is expected to be a little over two hours in length and to be displayed at the Edmonton Film Festival this coming fall.

The audio was recorded using a combination of wire-less microphones on the actors, an overhead boom mic and occasionally room mics as well.  Each of the microphones was recorded individually on a multi-track recorder.  The files have been imported into our DAW and several of the scenes have been cleaned up.  This means that when one actor throws a peanut at the other and hits their microphone (about 8 times in a dozen takes!) the entire scene doesn’t have to be re-filmed, and the other performers microphones aren’t destroyed in the editing process.

This entire project has been a blast, and I look forward to seeing the final project.



About James Harrison

Sound Recordist and Mixer. Soul Proprietor of Meridian Studio Recording
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