Sound Recording

Meridian Studio maintains a complete and varied microphone locker stocked with various microphones including large and small diameter dynamic microphones, large and small diameter condenser microphones.

We have the ability to travel with a fully rack-mounted digital recording rig including 16 high quality clean inputs and an assortment of modified/customized pre-amps.

Sound Editing

We have experience editing audio, creating perfect vocal takes, compiling the best parts of multiple studio passes.  We can edit full band performances, or individual tracks as needed providing a polished sound.

In particular, we have experience editing multi-tracked drums and maintain phase coherent edited tracks which can be mixed transparently.

The same digital editing techniques can be applied to sound-for-film, podcasts, commercials, soundtracks and other media.

Live Sound

A strong understanding of audio, gain-staging, signal routing and nomenclature allow James Harrison to have an excellent grasp on most live sound reinforcement control boards.  In addition, Live sound can easily be accompanied by live tracking.


Mixing is a skill and an art.  MeridianStRec has several audio samples available on the Media page which demonstrate the quality you can expect.